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Monday, December 12, 2011

Prescott Home Sales News Updates for December 12, 2011


Washington Watch- Going Down To The Wire

Last week it looked like the extension of the payroll tax cut from 2011 was sure to pass Congress. It's worth about $1000-$1500 to the average taxpayer.  Now there are competing bills and the usual beltway bickering back and forth as to who is on the side of the American taxpayer. Your elected officials need to hear what you have to say on the issue. Click the image above and learn more about the issue and then chime in! Also the Full Article link gets you some more info on this critical tax cut.



Picture Of The Month- And New Content Resources

Let's face it! When we have questions about the physical structure of our homes or its systems, many of us have no one to turn to for objective advice. Starting in January we will have a new section dedicated to Q and A on the home. Your questions can be asked and we will work with the finest professionals in that field to get your answers. First question: what's this picture showing? Why are there no roof stains under some of the vents? Click Full Article for the answer.



New Consumer Advocate Making Impact And Going Social

UPDATE: The housing meltdown was partially the result of mortgage consumers not knowing what they were signing. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is a multi-purpose consumer watchdog with enforcement capabilities. It recently started outreach programs to get consumers to share their stories. Click Full Article to see what this Bureau is up to. Also hit Share This and send to any you know in a mortgage workout situation.



Bits And Bytes- Quick Links To Must Have Info

Now, deep into the holiday season, you are going to hear a lot of "can I interest you in an extended warranty". Find out what you already have before you get tempted.  Next up, pay the January mortgage and property tax bill in December and save a few hundred dollars. Lastly, with any downtime this holiday season, commit to doing a complete Home Inventory. The Full Article link right below here can get you started. Be sure to hit the Share This button too!




Follow These Three Principles

Be honest. How much progress are you making toward your financial goals? Are you getting somewhere or does it seem like you fall a bit further behind every year? If you feel like you are just treading water, resolve to follow these three fundamental principles.





Reverse Mortgages Can Be a Tax-Smart Strategy for Seniors

There is a growing trend among senior citizens to take out reverse mortgages on their homes. For those who qualify, reverse mortgages can be a nice source of supplemental cash. But homeowners need to fully understand the tax implications before they sign on the dotted line. Here's a rundown of how reverse mortgages work.




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