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Smart Remodeling-Getting Out What You Put In!

This time of the year, consumers hatch remodeling ideas more than at any other time. Experts caution that homeowners should not jump into a project unless they know what the payback is. After all, one of the goals of renovating is increasing your home's value. Get these tips on smart remodeling and what project "returns" the most by clicking Full Article.



Bits and Bytes on Being A Smarter Consumer

Come January you will be getting hit with all sorts of credit card offers. Most of these will tease you with balance transfer options. Get these tips on spotting the tricks. If you have any down time in the next few weeks, make one of your resolutions, to do a complete Home Inventory. Get the free system from the III. Last up, make sure you or someone you know is aware of these recently recalled products. Be sure to hit Full Article and Share This!



New Technology: Upgrade Your Smoke Detectors - See Video

A huge enhancement in smoke detectors has gone unnoticed by many homeowners. Someone dies in a house fire every three hours. If a fire starts in your home, you have only about three minutes to escape. What if a fire starts in the basement and the door to the basement is closed? Precious minutes may be wasted if your detector near your bedroom does not go off. Here is a solution: Wirelessly-Connected Detectors. Click FULL ARTICLE for more info and a video.



Member Feedback! Let's Hear Your Side

At HomeActions, we know how important home ownership is to the economy, local neighborhoods, families and society in general. This coming year, the government's support of home ownership will be under fire with major tax reform. What we don't know is how important home ownership is to you, so we are having a contest.... Click Full Article for the details and a chance to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card.




The Increasing Importance of Merit Financial Aid

The same student can obtain very different financial aid packages from colleges with similar costs. If the financial aid process is truly based on need, how could that happen?





Home Sweet Home is Sweeter Than You Think
For most people, a home is probably the biggest investment they'll ever make. Anyone who has been frustrated by throwing money away on rent knows how satisfying it can be to finally own a home. By becoming a homeowner, you are investing in your future and gaining present tax benefits with mortgage interest deductions. Read the "Full Article" for details.




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