Everything in its place

Stuff. You've got a lot of it. It's now fall, again, and you've been meaning to get organized since your last new-year's resolution.

You've tried to squeeze everything you can into closets. You've even considered lugging your stuff down to the basement so that you can make more room -- for more stuff. Instead, try clutter-reducing shelves that won't cost you a fortune in cash -- and 20 or 30 trips to the basement.

• Organize your child's bedroom and study space by adding shelves to store books, CDs and magazines. Think you can't possibly fit all of your child's clothing and accessories into that room? Think vertical instead: wall space can be more valuable as storage than a place to exhibit posters of the latest pop stars. Don't forget to treat Mom or Dad by organizing that guest bedroom, den or home office by adding shelving above desks and computers.

• Keep cleaning supplies and household chemicals out of reach of small hands with wood-alternative shelving. Children are always ready and willing to explore all that your home has to offer. Linen closets, laundry rooms, walk-in pantries, bathrooms, and garages can now all have space to put those items we want to "keep out of reach of children" if you install wood-alternative shelving.

• Basement and attics can be valuable real estate when considering home storage options. Instead of wrestling with heavy boxes and packing tape, go for simplified, easily installed storage solutions for your family heirlooms, out-of-season clothing, tools, gardening supplies, and of course, holiday decorations. Shelve them and you'll always know where your treasures are when you need them.

• Adding cost-effective shelving options to your home not only helps you stay organized, but can add appeal to your home, as well. According to the National Association of Home Builders, potential homebuyers consistently rank storage -- and the need for a lot of it -- as a high priority when it comes to selecting a home. Shelving can provide a cost-efficient investment into your home.

Whether you are looking to improve your decor or just get your home organized, shelving is the way to go. It's cost effective, easy to install, and comes in a variety of colors, styles and finishes.


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