Real Estate News, Trends, and Buzz for August 2011


August 2011

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Here's an update on the latest real estate buzz and trends for August:

Real Estate Market News

Foreclosure hunting - 6 sites to help you
Check out the 6 foreclosure sites!

Tips to avoid overload while buying a home
Secrets to ace open houses!

What debt downgrade means for your mortgage
Will the drop in rates last?

Should borrowers run away from adjustable mortgage rates
Discover the odds of adjustable rate mortgage rates shooting up!

Real Estate Finance News

Banks easing loan terms for home owners
Will your bank cut your home loan in half?

No and low down home loans available
Tap into zero down loans and buy today!

International Real Estate News

20 best places to buy a second home abroad
Locations that suit every budget and taste

International real investors snap up US real estate
Read key factors driving purchases!

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