Line Extension Policy Reinstated


July 15, 2011


Line Extension Policy Reinstated


This week the Arizona Corporation Commission voted in a 4-1 decision to reinstate free power-line extension to new customers within 500 feet of Tucson’s Electric Power Companies distribution system. This decision comes after much uproar from Arizona residents after the long standing “line extension” policy was eliminated for Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and UniSource Electric (UNS Electric) in 2008. To note, in 2007 the Arizona Corporation Commission eliminated a policy of more than 50 years that required Arizona Public Source (APS) to extend power lines at no cost to any development within 1,000 feet and up to $25,000. The reversal of all three of these policies left many landowners with unforeseen costs that reduced the value of their properties.


The Arizona Association of REALTORS® witnessed firsthand the negative impact the reversal of these policies had on our members and homeowners throughout the state. As a result, AAR has worked diligently with members of the public, stakeholders and Commissioners to revert to the pre-2007 line extension policies, for TEP, UNS Electric and APS. As many will recall, we were successful in our endeavors this past January when the Corporation Commission voted 3-2 to reinstate the line extension policy for UniSource Electric, which serves customers in Western Arizona. In regards to APS, we continue to inch closer to a resolution as it pertains to reinstating a line extension policy under a rate case filed last month.


The reversal of Tucson’s Electric Power Co. 500 feet free line extension policy should take full effect in 30 days and will allow those with uncompleted contracts to come back in and benefit from the new rules.


Look for additional Capitol Insider articles as progress is made on the Arizona Power Source line extension rate case.





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