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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At Home - Innovative Kitchen Upgrades that Add Value


Innovative Kitchen Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

For many homes, the kitchen acts as the family nerve center. Everyone in the household shares meals at the table, chit chats while preparing food, and most likely coordinates calendars, types at a laptop and generally socializes in this all-important space. That means most kitchens get used and abused, so it's not surprising that kitchens are also a primary focal point for home improvements.
Kitchen improvements are some of the best financial performers in terms of adding value to a home. While other home improvements are simply done to increase the enjoyment of a home, a mid-range kitchen upgrade with a budget of $55,000 can recoup 78 percent of its cost when the home is sold, according to Remodeling magazine.
Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Here are some great options:

  • Choosing a hands-free faucet that starts flowing simply by tapping it with an arm, elbow or other body part rather than your hands solves the age-old frustration of having to clean a faucet after using it.
  • You can even replace your ordinary sink with one that incorporates various modular trays for cutting food and racks for knives and other cutlery.
  • Upgrade your island with water and electricity. While many islands provide extra counter space and cupboards, adding electrical outlets and a small sink turns your island into an additional food preparation spot.
  • A pot-filler installed above your range will let you fill pots while they sit on the burners, rather than filling them at the sink and spilling half of the water while walking back to the stove.
  • While granite has been the hot countertop material for several years running, new environmentally friendly options such as bamboo, recycled wood, glass tiles or recycled glass products such as Terrazzo are green and gorgeous.
  • Of course, refinishing the kitchen cabinets with new stain, hardware and handles is always an option, but so is replacing them. The latest storage and organization solutions offered by cabinet suppliers add both space efficiency and enhanced functionality.
  • Last but not least, if you love wine, consider installing a kitchen wine cooler to properly store and preserve your wine collection, as well as to enhance your enjoyment of your favorite bottles.



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