Market is looking More desperate for Developers.

Get the best deal!

As a buyer you need to know what is being offered to the agent (over the normal broker compensation) to get you into the door.

Although perfectly legal, subdivisions are offering higher compensations to Buyer’s agents as well as other incentives to get you into a home. Check out this ad for $500 in gas cards for Brown Family Communitie's Pronghorn Ranch in Prescott Valley Arizona.

That is great just make sure your agent is showing you great re-sale and other subdivisions that may not have the incentives attached. You can go buy a home from the developer yourself (Not a great idea). The reason you have a buyer’s agent is to get great advice and to minimize the stress of buying a new home. Also the Sales office at the subdivision is representing the builder’s interest solely, so you need that agent on your side. Ask Questions of your agent. You will know if you got the right one if they are honest enough to tell you about all of your options despite the giveaways and gimmicks. Believe me despite the bad press most Realtors are the cream of the crop and truly have your interest above there own. Find more information about buying a new home at or search for listings at