What is happening in the AZ market!


This email was sent to me a few days ago. Not everyone has a home to sell some are vacant land or commercial. The market is not the same as last year and this is one of many emails that prove this. The first to lower prices and to offer incentives to buy are the investors (Builders) or developers of real estate.

This article is just an example of the desperation that home sellers are going through.
This company last year paid Buyer’s Agents 1% to sell one of their homes, which is the equivalent of $1,750 in commission.
Now the same company is offering a 6% commission, which is equal to $16,139.40 on the same home, which is priced higher this year.
This is happening all over the state. Recently a home in downtown Prescott was offering a 3% commission PLUS a $13,770 bonus to selling agent.

There is a new home sales company that is giving away a $50,000 Harley Davison motorcycle to agents soliciting showings of their homes.

Most of my clients understand gimmicks attributed to selling electronics or used cars, can’t and will not sell real estate. Unfortunately, some Buyers may be pushed into homes that will cost them more and pay the buying agent more money. Most Buyers however are very well educated and will buy the home, land, or commercial property that is the best value for their situation.

So if your property is priced aggressively and in great condition it will sell. Otherwise you can get in line with the Seller’s that are offering everything but price and condition.