Buying is 45% Cheaper than Renting

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Rent vs. Buy: Buying is 45% Cheaper than Renting

Rent vs. Buy

Trulia took a look at the key market factors affecting homeownership, and on average, buying is 45% cheaper than renting in the largest 100 metros. However, home sales are only half way back to normal, and the homeownership rate continues to fall.
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Trulia Unveils the Most Popular Rental Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Top Rental Neighborhoods

As the incredibly hot summer rental season starts to wind down, Trulia announced the most popular rental neighborhoods in 15 large metropolitan areas across the country, based on search data from the previous three months. Check out the most popular neighborhoods near you »


Renting to the Rich and Famous

Renting to Rich and Famous

While there is obviously a larger number of lower-end rentals, there is also a bustling market for those seeking the ultimate luxury. Luxury listings attract the world's rich, and they choose to rent for different reasons. Eugene Litvak, VP at CitiHabitats in NYC, shared his take on the high-end rental market. Check out this insider's guide now »