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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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Washington Watch: Game Plan To Help The Housing Crisis Promoted

The first two stories in this edition deal with the current housing crisis. This article gets at specific steps that a housing group and some "Think Tanks" recently promoted. Their goal is to get a greater focus on how any economic recovery needs a robust housing market as a stimulus. Click Full Article for the proposals.




Guest Content: Will a Candidate's Position On Housing Matter To You?

With a year before the next major elections, do you care where candidates stand on critical housing issues like foreclosures or the mortgage interest deduction?  Will their views or solutions on the housing crisis help you decide who to vote for? Click SHARE to send this across your networks, then Full Article to see what others think from a recent survey.




Practical Tips and Videos From Our Content Partner, Ron Hazelton

Ron has served as Home Improvement Editor on Good Morning America and has several Cable TV  "How To Do It" Shows.  He is proud to help homeowners turn projects into reality one nail and screw at a time. A few backyard projects are made a lot easier with the Videos found by clicking Full Article.




Community Living Resources

Life In A Community Association Has Unique Issues
 In this section we will cover the latest tips, trends and issues for those households that are part of a  community association.  The Full Article link will provide you some Q and A that can be useful.






Your Financial Road Map

Are you making progress toward your financial goals? Are your finances in order? Are you prepared for a financial emergency? If you're not sure, take time to thoroughly evaluate your finances so you have a road map for your financial life.






Understanding the Language of Your Mortgage
If you are buying a home, it may be the largest purchase you make during your lifetime. You want everything to run smoothly from finding the right house, to having your mortgage approved. You may discover that there is a lot of terminology to learn when it comes to mortgages. Click "Full Article" for a glossary of some of the words you may encounter.





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