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Home Value Depreciation: One Of The Real Culprits

In the last few years, homeowners have not gotten a lot of dollar value out of their biggest social and economic investment. Home values have dropped in major metro areas but a recent study indicates why some areas suffer more than others. Core Logic, an industry data provider, suggests a leading factor is the large amount of distressed homes. Get the story at the Full Article Link.



Tax Series Continued- Doing Any Work From Home?

In our continuing series on helping you prepare for tax season, this edition's tip covers the Home Office deduction and all sorts of tactics you can deploy to reduce your taxable income. Also a tip sheet on filing for free and the pitfalls. Click on Full Article to get started!



Advocacy Watch: Banks At It Again- Maximizing Overdraft Fees

As if the idea of a $5 per month ATM card fee of a few months ago was not enough. In a far reaching admonition, Chase bank has just agreed to refund $110 million to unknowing consumers. 29 other banks are targets of a nationwide investigation. But what does it mean for you? What did they admit to? Get it all at the Full Article link right below her.



Home Safety: Select Recall Notices and Tip Over Threats

Every month, there are many thousands of products recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This month's recalls include fax machines, furnaces and baby strollers. Also there is an advisory about furniture tip-overs.The Full Article link below gets you the info. If you are using Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, be sure to share this update.




Keep Student Loans Under Control

Paying for a college education is no easy task. Even if you have been diligent about saving and qualify for some financial aid, you'll probably still need some student loans to get through college. Here are some ways to help your child.





Teach Your Kids to Score with Credit

A mortgage is likely to be part of your children's future and the key to getting a home loan with good rates is their credit scores. Click "Full Article" for guidance on how to help your kids establish and maintain the credit they need to start their lives on a solid foundation.