Real Estate News, Trends, and Buzz for October 2011


October 2011

Real Estate Monitor

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Here's an update on the latest real estate buzz and trends for October:

Real Estate Market News

6 reasons to buy a home now
Homes have never been more affordable!

Home prices rise for fourth straight month
Will stable real estate market lead to more lending?

6 Financial benefits of home ownership
Find out the reasons to buy that dream house now!

Landlord Retirement Plan – The latest strategy
Is this a way to generate income stream for you?

Real Estate Finance News

30 year mortgage rates fall below 4 per cent
How much can you save with dirt-cheap mortgage?

Home mortgage refinancing jumps due to lifetime low rates
Are you ready to lower your home loan payments?

International Real Estate News

London real estate a safe haven during economic turbulence
What is driving the interest in this high energy city?

China real estate – Will the bubble burst?
What are the consequences to USA?



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