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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

HomeActions Updates for September 5, 2011




Natural Disasters- They Only Happen In Other Parts Of The Country!

Many recent television reports covered flood victims saying they wished they had more time to prepare! With Hurricane Irene fresh in our minds, get these 4 tips on preparing for disasters and a free Home Inventory software package. Click Full Article and learn more even if you were not directly impacted by the storm.




National Home Price Index Updated - Local Stats and Cool Widget!

Many housing reports say this or that is up 1% or down a certain percent "nationally". Most homeowners want to know what the situation is in their area.  Every quarter the government publishes home price/value data. It's important to see the trend in your area over time and not be overly concerned with month over month data. Use this cool widget to see your situation since you bought your home. Select Full Article, download the PDF report and see what's happening locally.




Home Safety: Power Generators and recent recalls. Share It!

On a regular basis there are products recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Commission also puts out safety alerts. If you have a power generator or thinking about getting one, get these tips with the Full Article link. Check on recalled toys, step stools and power washers. Lastly, the SHARE THIS link is a great way to get the word out to others.




Interior Design That's Trending Now: Aging-In-Place

Do many homeowners think they will be in their existing homes for 40 or 50 years? Are home seekers planning for the future and looking at accessibility improvements that will make the later years easier? This design trend we are following involves designing new homes and home improvements to facilitate elderly living. It's called Aging-In-Place. The Full Article link below takes you to all the info. Also, click SHARE THIS and post on your social networks.






Keeping Yourself on Track
Whether the stock market is up or down, it's a good idea to periodically stop and reassess the basics of investing. Click "Full Article" for some steps to take.






Bouncing Back If Your Loan is Rejected

Nothing stings like rejection. But just because a lender considers you a poor credit risk today doesn't mean you can't turn it around. If your mortgage application is denied, the lender must provide you with information that, if used correctly, can help you become more creditworthy. Read on to find out more and to get some tips on putting some muscle into your application.





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