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Debt Compromise Does Not Mean Homeowners Are Out of the Woods

The recent stalemate over lifting the debt ceiling caused more than a stir in Washington. The creation of a 12-member bipartisan debt-reduction legislative committee will be charged with finding $1.4 trillion in savings. Many fear the Mortgage Interest Deduction is firmly "on the table". Click Full Article below for what it may mean if you have a mortgage. There is an impact even if you don't.




Homeownership: Out of Focus and Out of Reach For Many

As the lead article warns of the many attempts that will be made to reduce the tax incentives of home ownership, it appears that the "American Dream" is becoming just that for many: a dream. The nation's home ownership rate is now estimated to be just under 60%, way down from the highest ever 69.4% in 2004. A recent report offers some reasons. Click Full Article for the story.




You probably have a backup of your computer - Why not your home?

A simple question for all homeowners: can you remember every major household item that you have and its details?  How about all that e-stuff you have? Flat screens, iPads, the new deck you added and everything else of value needs to be documented. Click on Full Article and get a free online service from a trusted partner.




Smart Fall Project: Get Your Community Watch Ready

The fall is a great time to start building momentum to protect your neighborhood. Parents are back in the grove and all sorts of networking options are available. Think about starting a Neighborhood Watch! We have resources to help you get one set up and network with other local "watch" programs. Select Full Article and start networking.




Home Safety: This Week's Recalls - Click "SHARE THIS"

On a regular basis there are products recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) . We cover the more prevalent ones that may be in our yards and homes. Click Full Article to check on recalled toys, step stools and power washers. Also, the SHARE THIS link is a great way to get the word out to others.






Controlling Your Mortgage Debt
Owning a home has long been part of the American dream, with most families needing a mortgage to purchase their home. While that is usually considered acceptable debt, there is concern that Americans are now over-mortgaging their homes.






Credit Score Myths Abound

You hear a lot about credit scores and credit reports these days. Unfortunately, much of what you may have heard is inaccurate. Sometimes the best thing to do seems counter-intuitive. Read on to learn some common myths about credit scores, and a few tips on nurturing your score to raise or maintain it.






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