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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Planning & Zoning to explore new plan for former Young’s Farm land

Dewey-Humboldt, AZ (March 7, 2007) — The Monogram Companies has submitted a plan to Dewey-Humboldt’s Planning

and Zoning Commission for a much lower density development of the former Young’s Farm. “The Village at Young’s Farm”

revised project plan came after hearing feedback from town residents and Town Council, and demonstrates the developer’s

desire to keep alive the rich history of the property while addressing the need for local shopping .

“We listened very carefully to the comments we received from Town residents and elected officials and turned those into the

plan we have submitted to Planning and Zoning. Housing density has been essentially cut in half from a previous plan and

we have modestly expanded the commercial area facing AZ-69 and AZ-169 to enable the in-town shopping that residents

asked us to include,” says Don Allison, a partner of The Monogram Companies. “It wasn’t easy to balance the lower density

and economic side of the project, but we did it and we are committed to delivering a terrific housing and commercial project

that everyone can embrace and be proud of,” Allison explains.

With the aesthetics of the project and the town also top priority, the development intends to keep many of the old-growth

trees, ponds and river banks intact for residents’ enjoyment and to preserve a large portion of the geographic history.

Looking to the importance of a development that enhances the town, the project team sees this as an important quality for

the whole community.

Local Residents, Town Officials Supportive of New Plan

Local residents who have seen the development plan are more than supportive. “I am behind this 100%. We’re finally going

to have shopping right in town and a well planned community that will make our town even more beautiful,” says Buzz

Fournier a Dewey-Humboldt resident. “This is a plan that residents and our town officials will surely get behind. We will

have more housing options and additional shopping—but no big box stores. This is a big win for the town and all of us.”

Economic Benefits for the Entire Community

Potential economic benefits to the town’s residents will be substantial. With thousands of vehicles passing along on AZ-69

and AZ-169, stores and local shopping will generate more local sales tax. With this financial benefit, more of the town’s dirt

roads can be paved, fire and police will be well funded, and libraries, athletic fields and other amenities will be possible.

A Community Focal Point for the Town: The Village Marketplace

When The Village at Young’s Farm is completed, it will likely serve as the town’s focal point. After two county areas merged

to form Dewey-Humboldt in the 2004 incorporation, there has not been a real community epicenter for residents to enjoy.

The town will be offered this important community asset with The Village Marketplace. This shopping area is expected to

include banking, pharmacy, grocery, restaurants, and boutique -style stores. The Arizona Department of Transportation

officials will aid in ensuring intelligent traffic flow. Even with the planned Village Marketplace, the natural wonder of the area

will be preserved. A community area is planned, along with accessibility to the river and open space for residents. Farmer’s

markets and a myriad of other public events will be possibilities with this space.

-Being a Team Player—Working In Good Faith

Besides listening carefully to the concerns and desires of town residents and town officials, the Village at Young’s Farm’s

development team has and will work hand-in-hand with every stakeholder. From residents and neighbors to the Planning

and Zoning Commission, from the Town Council to ADOT… the development team will do its part to ensure that all parties

work together for everyone ’s benefit.

A Project that Shows Caring for Dewey-Humboldt

Included in the Planning and Zoning application is a Mission Statement that shows that the development team truly cares

and understands the history and future of the town. The Mission Statement explains that this is “…a project that honors the

historical significance of Young’s Farm and surrounding area…residential styles that reflect small town living…a

Marketplace that reflects the charm of the local area…a variety of shops and services that will provide added value…”

The development team is humbled by the history of Young’s Farm and its importance in the hearts of residents. Their

appreciation of the rich history has resulted in submitting a plan that is low density with a rural, small town feel, preserves

natural and historical components of the farm land, affords shopping with tasteful architecture, and provides community

areas for residents.


Monday, May 28, 2007


We all have fond memories of Young's farm and growing up in The rual Prescott area....but change is change if not good.
The farm couldn't support itself and like all things this too must is an artivcal I found interesting.
-Prescot Real Estate News

Mixed-use community will honor Dewey-Humboldt’s rural character and Young’s Farm heritage

Scottsdale, Ariz., -- Jan. 23, 2006 – Monogram Companies, an experienced developer with a history of building appropriately scaled neighborhoods that enhance existing communities, and Tom Chambers Properties Inc., announced today the purchase of Young’s Farm. The planning process is underway; however the Young family will continue to operate the farm through 2006. The appropriately scaled, low-density residential and commercial village will include retailers such as a bank, grocery store, restaurant and the farmers’ market to provide services to the people of Dewey-Humboldt and visitors.

Monogram specializes in creating communities that often require special expertise and the ability and sensitivity to work closely with surrounding residents and local organizations, as well as city, county, state and federal agencies, to resolve complicated land development issues. The company has assembled a team of experts in planning, residential and commercial architectural design, hydrology, water resources, traffic, and landscape architecture to ensure best practices throughout all aspects of this project.

“Being selected to guide this historic property through its next phase of development is an honor and an exciting opportunity,” states Monogram Partner Don Allison. “We appreciate how important this land has been to generations of area residents and others throughout Arizona. Our goal is to develop a project that honors the historical significance and small-town charm of Young’s Farm and the surrounding area. This signature project will include a variety of residential home styles and a Market Place that will provide added services and tax revenue for the people of Dewey-Humboldt. We look forward to meeting our future neighbors and becoming an integral part of this vibrant community.”

Dewey-Humboldt resident and real estate investor Julie Conner continues to hold an interest in this project and will be actively involved in the community outreach program.

About Monogram Companies

Formed in 2002, Scottsdale, Ariz.-Monogram Design Builders ( specializes in building energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, single-family homes on in-fill parcels that incorporate construction best practices. The company is one of the few Valley homebuilders to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a 100 percent Energy Star partner. Monogram Development Services LLC (MDS) (, which began operations in 2001, specializes in land acquisition and development for single-family residential projects. MDS principals have brokered over $400 million in land sales and entitled and improved over 8,000 residential lots. Arizona natives Don Allison, Russ Hermann and Dan Hellman founded the companies and serve as managing partners.

About Tom Chambers Properties Inc.

Since leaving the ranks of professional basketball, CEO Tom Chambers, who holds the Suns’ single-game scoring record, has carved out an impressive role in the business world. Chambers founded Tom Chambers Properties, Inc. to broker opportunities for land investment and development. He is also the owner of Shooting Star Ranch, a successful horse breeding farm in North Ogden, Utah.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Market is looking More desperate for Developers.

Get the best deal!

As a buyer you need to know what is being offered to the agent (over the normal broker compensation) to get you into the door.

Although perfectly legal, subdivisions are offering higher compensations to Buyer’s agents as well as other incentives to get you into a home. Check out this ad for $500 in gas cards for Brown Family Communitie's Pronghorn Ranch in Prescott Valley Arizona.

That is great just make sure your agent is showing you great re-sale and other subdivisions that may not have the incentives attached. You can go buy a home from the developer yourself (Not a great idea). The reason you have a buyer’s agent is to get great advice and to minimize the stress of buying a new home. Also the Sales office at the subdivision is representing the builder’s interest solely, so you need that agent on your side. Ask Questions of your agent. You will know if you got the right one if they are honest enough to tell you about all of your options despite the giveaways and gimmicks. Believe me despite the bad press most Realtors are the cream of the crop and truly have your interest above there own. Find more information about buying a new home at or search for listings at

Brad Bergamini, real estate agent on Zillow

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